France and the Entente Cordial? – or just using resources?


I appreciate that this was news back in June or July but come on, thats way too early for anything Eurovision related to be on the webs!

France2 has announced its intention to enter the contest (that’s lucky!) but in partnership with ITV Studios France (a production arm of ITV in the UK), the broadcaster will be holding a National Final!

I know you’ll all be salivating at the thought of French chansons being sung at you in primetime, but before you cleanse yourselves of all self-respect in gushing praise for the lost art of chanson . . . I suspect the French will go for the modern. Their record doesn’t exactly inspire confidence of late.

70% of the lyrics must be in French, which is the main deviation from standard Eurovision rules (along with the very strange local rule of “no more than four composers”), but the rest is as you would expect.