Eurovision 2002 – Rehearsal Reports – Tuesday

Cake with flags and confectionary words "...
Cake with flags and confectionary words “Welcome Europe 02” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


First up in Tuesday Morning is Finland. In a spangly Blue top, she is standing at the right of the stage and is * very* confient performance. Like so many of the performers she knows where the camera is and struts her stuff to the music. the backing singers postulate and pose and do some bunny hop steps and sway to the music but do not detract from Laura in any way. This song is a grower basically because she performs the ass of it. You lot just be careful…. She might not win, but by the time she hits the long note about 2/3 through the song you cant help but get the feeling that this song might well be playing as the credits are rolling at the end of the contest.


Marlene, dressed in the most hideous red dress that did not flatter her figure at all, faltered her way somewhat through this song. She appeared to be in awe of everything before her. She did stand at the front of the stage and just, well, sing into the camera. No movement, no looseness you associate with performing… just…well….looking like she was literally performing in front of 300 million, instead of about 20 people. Not a good performance i am afraid.

Bosnia & Herzegovina

Oh yes.. right now… Back to the roots of the 80’s contest that I love so well. It may be a regressionist step, but boy this is very good indeed. Maja dances and gyrates her way towars a decent finish. Once again, not the strongest song in the world, but she does perform really, really well. The backing singers move really well and compliment this song which, despite reservations, will do well because it sounds like the Yugoslavian songs of old a la 88, 89, 91 etc.. It may be a step backwards… but that is not necessarily a bad thing here as we all know…. Beware of the purple set though…..


Tom Jones meets Garry Glitter!! Sergio, minus his fish and Chip fan, but plus some god awful backing singers, flounced aroun the stage like a rocker who has had too many come back tours. That aside, I would be very afraid of this song. It has the potential to hit the televoters where it hurts. He *still* sounds like he has smoked 400 cigarrettes before he comes onto stage… but that all helps the ambience of the song. He is, what can only be described as a “complete performer” which is important in the age of visual Eurovision. We await to see Thursday because it just might you know…..


Well… this was exactly what we didnt expect. She seems to be confident vocally but awkward when she moves ( and yes, she still does “move”) that tends to detract away from the strengths of this song. The backing singers seemed to be carrying her ( not literally) thoughout the performance, but visually it is exactly the same as the German Final, nothing has changed at all, which is a shame. This could, with a lot of work, still be the one to watch..but on this evidence, watch it sliding down the scoreboard unless she does something drastic. As a comedic moment after the performance there was a huge feedback… unfortunately she didnt fall off the revolving bit… or through the trapdoor!! Also she LOOKS on TV like she is at least 4 meters tall… at least no midget singers this time, but it looks so bad…….


Well…… it’s not that bad… really……honest!! it’s very turkish and there is a verse in English… Someone at TRT has been listening. The lead singer has a strong voice and gives a very confident performance. There is minimal choreograhy… but she looks very sexy when she looks into the eyes of one of the male performers… and she knows where the camera is.. which is a bonus for the Turkish singers. The English verse does not quite fit the tune, and seems to be an afterthought on behalf of the writers in a blatent attempt to gain more votes. When will TRT learn to do the whole darn thing in English and stop me writing the same thing over and over again every year. They pose at the end….. and it is ok


It’s the song that Israel never had… or indeed want. Ira will probably get the totty award from the minority of lads that watch this will like who like that sort of thing. The song itself is not bad and she does walk about the stage and covers the front row with glitter. These people do get value for money. They pay an extortionate about of money to get twatted with Vesna’s whip and covered with glitter!!! While Ira performs with her usual gusto.. it lacks something…. It is a very inoffensive song a la Ireland of the mid 90s. Will do great with the Juries…. but does not have the attack to get the a televote.


It starts off sounding like a Dionne Warwick song, and then veers towards something Lord Lloyd Webber would be proud of. The song is not one that is suited to a contest like this one (!), however, that does not mean that it is not half decent. only half mind you…. Two powerfull singers, one of whom has a passing resemblance to Phil Collins, and the other one who *is* Fern Brittain’s fat, Romanian Twin sister sing about why their relationship has gone sour. It could score something.. but from who??


Words still fail me about this song. My Personal opinion is that it does not deserve to be here. Having said that though, it isn’t too bad.. but it will attract the wrong kind of publicity. However musically it is not that bad.. .The “girls” prance about and have their blokes from the EMA. Not up to much though.


Once again.. another singer with a great voice and stage presence.. plenty of white cowboy hats flinging about and it is very Latin as we all know, even though she says that that it isn’t, But even more so now… Good vocally and good choreography.