Eurovision 2002 – Second rehearsals – Wednesday


A source close to me said, ” This one is staring the big R in the face.” What is “The big R”?? said I. ” R for Relegation” was the reply.. and I seem to agree… this song only has one thing for it.. the lads.. and half of Europe will not see the attraction. The chorus is REALLY starting to grate now and it is repeated far FAR too often. The Choreography is the only decent thing.. but even that is awful… they are trying to sell a really weak song to Europe.. Unfortunately Europe will see through it in the same vein as they will their clothes. Sorry to all the Cypriots but….well.. NO… NEXT!!!

United Kingdom

Well as you lot know, as far as the UK are concerned, objectivity is a word that is not in my dictionary, but this *is* getting better and better as the day. Jessica really belted the song out to the assembled press all of whom were, as usual, suitably impressed. the ending has changed slightly it has slowed a little but you lot wont notice any difference from the CD version. On the monitors she does look very good, very assured and the backing singers get a look in too at the key moments. Still minimalist choreography, but that is not a problem because the song speaks for itself. If she gets it right with an audience in here.. then Germany and the other contenders should beware of the Welsh lass.


Once again another objective review (!). No seriously this just keeps getting better. Manuel, as we know, is good looking, but he does keep attacking this song. I must say that the similarities to “All Right Now” is very limited, and people should not hark on about it and judge the song on its merits. He still puts his arms in the air and the backing singers still sway around copiously but they do not distract from him and the song. It is strong and of course it stands a chance of beating Switzerland ( VOTE FOR AUSTRIA, I HAVE MONEY RIDING ON THIS!!),. But seriously it is a good performance. As long as he doesn’t wear what he wore today, a vile leopard-skin esque top which showed off his body…..


Another Big 4, another Big Rosa and another big failure. The “feminine” section of the press were creaming themselves over this song, but she slid up to the highnotes and missed most of them, the backing singers pranced like pixies on speed doing choreography that does not fit the song and didn’t help her, mind you.. I dont think Pavarotti’s vocal chords can help her now. I’m not saying that its dire.. but I have seen more talent in a cattle market. She has no presence on stage at all and doesnt utilise any of it except the right hand corner of it., and at times it is apparent that in the back of her mind that she is going through the motions. For all the hype she will disapoint a great deal of the Iberian Peninsular on Saturday Evening.


Well after an abortive run through where everything failed, they restarted. Dressed in their outfits for Saturday, White shell suits with Hoods ( yes it’s Russian Essex boys!), they still sound like there is only one of them singing. The harmonies are still not coming off and it still falls flat on its arse I am afraid. The choreography is now limited to a few hand movements and some swaying but even that is too much in my opinion, though some members of the delegation think that was the best bit, either way it was still shite!! They look when they start like a White “Boyz II Men“, but they sound like an out of tune East 17 or BoyZone rather than acomplished performers. Another one to dismiss, but what do I know.


Well it was everything that was expected from this song.. and certain things that we didnt expect. For Example.. we expected a very strong, confident..almost over confident performanvce and that is what we got. What we didnt expect was the song to sound really twee and high in places and for the backing singers to sound way too high for their own good, earsplittingly so in places. Having said all of that, the balance of the song was really good and still expect this to do great things on the night. She now has the look of a winner … and perhaps you should make a little wager, but only each way.


Be Careful…. Even with all of the problems in the country, Sarit has got a damn good song and people should be encouraged to vote with their ears and not their pre conceptions. On the monitors she looks straight into the camera, almost pleading.. but then again she is asking for peace in the world. All of your typical Israeli choreography is there… sideways steps, hands in the air, and candles on the background screens, even added violinists as moral support. She is a very confident performer and looks very good, the long notes are hit with an accuracy rare in this particular contest but I am afraid that the good public of Europe will see Israel and not vote for it BECAUSE it is Israel. Listen to the song and make your own mind up, but from this distance it is a strong contender for the crown.


Ah.what a performance (!). I could well win my bet on this one. She was still very French and tried too hard again… It is very sweet but it has the potential to be the televoters 2nd favourite song and therefore get nothing at all. Switzerland seem to have lost their way somewhat and perhaps need to go back to the drawing board as to how they pick their songs and what songs they chose. She does have a good voice, I feel, She waves, pleadingly, for your televotes.. but be brave Europe.. she isnt worth it.. go for Austria instead!!


To compliment the gold boots, they now have brown and silver outfits!! It still doesn’t scream “winner” like the majority of Europe think… but they do perform it well and they have a damn good presence. You know it still might. But for me, it lacks attack!!