Eurovision 2018 – Day two at a glance

Altice Arena

From the Macedonian closed rehearsal (um problema technicao) through to the Cypriot feugo, today brought us the second half of the first semi-final. Nobody ended up in hospital (yet) today, and the bookies adjusted their odds sharpish on Austria.

The call: dynasty of loveBerniceya
Rock this wayOmmieh x Anakrisez
SkyscraperTeodora DinuQ
Without you (sin ti)Dya & Lucian ColarezaQ
Weight of the worldNicola
The way it goesSteam
We are the oneClaudiu MireaQ
Song of my heartThe Four
Army of loveBella SantiagoQ

And after the roaring success of yesterday’s Today at the Games – We present …

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5 years ago

Day 2 summary:

Macedonia – Amateurish and not strong enough. The wrong choice of fashion.

Croatia – Professional and classy. Much better than expected and bringing the song within a chance of qualifying.

Austria – Some thinks this is excellent, others think it has potential and need some extra work. All think the backing singers should be more prominently visible.

Greece – simple staging but something is not quite working.

Finland – Did you hear about editing yourself. To much going on. Remember sometime less is more. And than the Nazis look alike outfits for the dancers and backing singers..pfff

Armenia- Just dull, although he has a good voice.

Switzerland – Rock chick who perform to the audience in the arena and not to the audience at home.

Ireland – Surprise, surprise!-They manage to keep things simple and endearing but will this be enough?

Cyprus – Finishing with a bang and is stronger than expected.

That’s all folks 🙂


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