Eurovision 2019: The running order

Duncan sings first

In near enough record time, the running order for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is available. Let the conspiracy theories and analysis begin.

Kapa Kohi-LAViinerid
What love isUku SuvisteQ
Only dreamIngerQ
Miljon sammuMerilin Mälk
Heart winderGerman & Violina
Beautiful lieJaagup TuiskQ
Lean on meZiggy Wild
I'm sorry. I messed up.Uudo SeppQ
Üks kord veelTrafficQ
Out in spaceShiraQ
UnistustesMariliis Jõgeva

The EBU explains the science behind this: “To come to a decision, the producers look at the genre of music, whether a song is performed by a solo singer or group, the use of props, the tempo of the song and various other aspects of each act.”

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Darren Smith
Darren Smith
5 years ago

I put money on Australia after SF1, and I think the draw has been kind. Netherlands is possibly a threat, as is Switzerland, but I can’t see either Russia or Sweden challenging now. I think Iceland will be Top 5 too.

5 years ago

The Netherlands squeezed between Cyprus and Greece will standout as calm between the madness.

Australia at 25 is too late in the running order. It is, if I remember correctly, the same position Cyprus had in 2018.

Russia has no chance what so ever.

Italy at 22nd, that’s interesting. Netta won from that position but I am not sure about why they put them right after France

The running order puts to rest the urban myth about Germany and EBU having and agreement about Germany’s placing in case of 1st half draw

Darren Smith
Darren Smith
5 years ago

2nd place from both 2018 (Cyprus) and 2017 (Bulgaria) sung from second last. Dima Bilan won from second last position in 2008. Back in the 20th Century the UK’s last win was from second last, and 7 different winners performed last, so I don’t agree that there is such a thing as “too late” to perform. There’s also several recentexamples of semi-final winners from last or second last.

I do firmly believe that recency does have an effect on results, perhaps not a huge effect but often enough to determine whether a song can win or not. But some of those runaway winners of the past (e.g. Norway 2009) would have won even if performed in the famed second place.