Eurovision 2021 – Who sings when?

Draw for running order 2021
Draw for running order 2021

After the Big Five and host nation had their second rehearsal today, each got to draw for their position in next weekend’s grand final running order.

Because of COVID-19 protocols, Press Room host Samya got to whirl the bowl contents, with the artists shouting stop and Samya revealing the half.

Apart from the Dutch, nobody knows quite when they will sing. They drew lots today to either take a place in the first or second half of the show. The host nation is already confirmed to sing last but one.

In the olden days, landing in the second half was deemed a HUGE bonus, but in recent years, the producers picked the ultimate running order, arranging songs to set up the best show. It’s appeared to wipe out any perceived benefit. Four of the last winners were in the first half of the show, three in the second. The favourites have never been given a draw later than ninth place and that won’t change this year.

  • The United Kingdom and Spain sing in the first part of the show.
  • France, Italy and Germany sing in the second part of the show.

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