Eurovision 2022 stage reveals the sun within

2022 Eurovision Stage

Rai, the host broadcaster for the 66th Eurovision Song Contest, today unveiled the stage designed by Francesca Montinaro for the contest in May.

The concept goes under the title of ‘The sun within’ – although the ‘sun’ is very much on show and hiding from nobody. Quite how that gels with the ‘Sound of Beauty’ tagline, is anyone’s guess. Why, it’s almost like two teams worked independently of each other without communication. A bit like The Apprentice.

Abba at Eurovision
Remember this?

The sun is said to be ‘kinetic’ or in layman’s terms, it moves. We’re also promised all sort of effects thanks to LED screens. It’ll be fun to see which country stretches their ambition beyond their performer’s ability with that this year (Lesley Roy, anyone?).

Montinaro previously worked on stages for the Rai Sanremo festival.

I’m going to use the word ‘retro’ and leave it there.

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