Eurovision 2024 enthusiasm wanes in Germany, soars in Sweden

Eurovision 2024 trophy
Corrinne Cumming / EBU

With the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest just days away, a recent UK YouGov Eurotrack survey reveals intriguing trends in viewership and public perception across the countries taking part and tuning in.

The survey, conducted in April 2024, polled adults in Great Britain, France, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Italy, and Switzerland.

Swedish surge

Hosting the contest for the seventh time seems to have sparked excitement in Sweden, with half of the population saying they will definitely or probably watch Eurovision 2024. Elsewhere, it’s a different story, with Italy and Spain trailing at 40% each. In contrast, only 23% of Germans plan to tune in, marking a sharp 13-point drop from 2019.

Brits embrace ‘the irony’

The survey uncovers a stark difference in reasons for watching Eurovision between Britons and their European counterparts. 52% of British viewers cite Graham Norton’s commentary as their main draw. 28% of Brits admit they tune in for the fun of it and to laugh at some of the entries.

Elsewhere in Europe, viewers seem to approach Eurovision with more sincerity. Just 12% watch it to laugh at what’s going on. Appreciating the music matters more, especially in Italy (65%).

Politics or performance

The survey delves into perceptions of public voting motivations, revealing intriguing differences. Spain stands out, with 41% believing their compatriots vote solely based on politics. In contrast, only 8% in Switzerland and Sweden, and 11% in Germany share this view.

Why do people watch Eurovision

The prevailing belief across Europe is that the voting public combines political considerations with judging the merit of each performance. This sentiment is strongest in Britain (46%), Denmark (47%), and Switzerland (45%). Italians emerge as the most optimistic, with 36% believing their public votes purely on performance quality.

Read the full report here (PDF)

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