Eurovision 2024 Tickets Set to Spark Excitement as Sale Date Approaches

Buying Eurovision Tickets

Tickets for the 2024 Eurovision Song Contest are slated to go on sale next week.

The contest will be hosted in Malmö, Sweden, marking a return to the country known for its rich Eurovision history. Tickets will be available from the official ticketing website on Tuesday, 28 November, starting at 10 am Central European Time (CET). This time translates to 9 am in the United Kingdom, offering an opportunity for fans in different time zones to participate in the excitement. In New York, the sale starts at 4 am, and for Sydney-based fans, it’s 8 pm.

Ticket prices

  • First & Second Semi-Final – Evening Preview: 145-795 SEK
  • First & Second Semi-Final – Afternoon Preview: 145-545 SEK
  • First & Second Semi-Final – Live Show: 525-2395 SEK
  • Grand Final – Evening Preview: 525-2395 SEK
  • Grand Final – Afternoon Preview: 145-1385 SEK
  • Grand Final – Live Show: 860-3795 SEK

In addition to regular tickets, there will be a selection of VIP packages as well – details will follow along with prices that necessitate going without food or heat for a month.

Get ready to queue

The sale of Eurovision tickets often creates a flurry of activity, as fans from around the world vie to secure their spot in one of the most celebrated music contests globally. The site almost always crashes or you find yourself in a six-hour queue only to find the seats in your basket vanish at the last second.

You can set up a Ticketmaster account now, regardless of the country you live in, so you’re ready for the on sale date. It’s worth doing if you’re serious about trying to get tickets.

If you don’t land a place in the arena, there will be loads going on around Malmö – and don’t forget it’s shown on the telly box and you can have your own party for a fraction of the outlay.