Exciting news from *checks notes* Greece

It seems that the readers of this site who are “on da pulse” of the Eurovision Song Contest will already know this but…


It appears that ERT have announced on some sort of daytime show – possibly Good Morning with Anne and Nikos – that Marina Satti, a 36 year old singer, songwriter, music producer, will be representing Greece at the upcoming Eurovision in Malmo.

She has a rather interesting back catalogue which includes being a part of the EBU’s European Jazz Orchestra ( No – I’ve never heard of them either) and has been been performing Jazz in many places and has moved into “World Music” – whatever the **** that is – singing polyphonic songs with whiffs of her Sudanese Arab heritage, plus Balkan and Turkish rhythms.

This marks a departure from the relentless carousel of identikit singers they have put in in recent years ( usually female and young and appealing to a certain demographic)  and I think it is fair to say that they haven’t 100 percent known what works at the contest with the hapless Victor not qualifying Greece for the 3rd time in 7 contests last year.  I’m not saying that Marina won’t appeal to the same demograph, it’s just a shift to the mature performer again.

Will an experienced performer take the crown? –  Who knows ( or cares) but you have from 25th October to 1st December to get your songs into ERT… I’m hoping for a Rock-Polka fusion personally…

Here is a sample of her previous work