Fancy something from Romania?

TVR has named the twelve acts taking part in Selecţia Naţională 2023, and confirmed the running order, giving us something new just in time for the holiday season!

Andrei Duţu was today confirmed as the final participant with the song “Statues” which was initially shortlisyed without a named performer attached to the entry.

  1. Deiona, “Call on me”
  2. Andrada Popa, “No time for me”
  3. Ocean Drive, “Take you home”
  4. Amia, “Puppet”
  5. Andrei Duțu, “Statues”
  6. Theodor Andrei, “D.G.T. (Off and on)”
  7. Steven Roho x Gabriella x Formaţia Albatros ,”Lele”
  8. Aledaida, “Bla Bla Bla”
  9. Adriana Moraru, “Faralaes”​
  10. Maryliss, “Hai vino”
  11. JaxMan (Erin Dăneţ) “Bad&Cool”
  12. Andreea D Folclor Orchestra, “Periniţa mea”

Selecţia Naţională takes place on the February 11 in Bucharest in the TVR studios. The voting will be 100% televote.

Keep an eye on the official TVR website for snippets soon