Bulgaria – Favourites should look like this

Kristian Kostov

Once again, those gathered in the press centre were only treated to 40 seconds of a rehearsal from the hall as a teaser, and from this we got a rain motif towards the end of the song. However, from the quick run through of the camera shots that we saw, Kristian looked incredibly assured for someone so young. He really seemed to know where the camera was and engaged with it. I didn’t notice until now, though, that he has the Danish gap in his teeth too.

In costume news, he’s gone all black and there are lights around the stage that appear on his jumper for a bit.

We were treated to sound for the final run-through and his vocal confirmed what I thought. Kristian does some carefully fixed choreographic moves to match with the Mans-type screen graphics and things – none fo which does his chances any harm.

The second voice is off stage, an effect this year which is beginning to annoy me.

The more I hear this, the more I think that this has a chance to go big … and I mean very big.

All the parts have been put together nicely by BNT. Really nicely and it results in a complete package. This song will appeal to juries because its a quality composition. Televoters will love it because it’s radio-friendly. I wouldn’t change a thing between now and next week. Just present ‘Beautiful Mess’ as it stands and don’t tinker.

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