Festival da Cancao reaches a result

Shortly after the Nordic three made their choices, Portugal got going with the Festival da Cancao Grande Final (languages are a gift etc). After an opening act involving Dallas and Sesame Street to celebrate RTP’s 63rd birthday, eight highly assorted songs were done and performed in double-quick time, and then… the show expanded to fill the hours available.

We’d all gone to bed by the time the results came in, and it turns out that it was one of those nights.

FDC 2020

SongPerformers)Jury VotesPtsTelevoteTotalPsn
Gerbera amarela do SulFilipe Sambado76124163
AbensonhadoJimmy P4976135
Mais real que o amorTomás Luzia2438116
Não voltes maisElisa Rodrigues374378
MovimentoThroes + The Shine4665117
Diz sóKady5287154
Medo de sentirElisa551010201
Passe-PartoutBárbara Tinoco46612182

The regional juries adored the artistry and leather shorts of Gerbera Amarela Do Sul but remained unmoved by the cheeky charm of Passé-Partout. The good folks of Portugal adored the cheeky charm of Passé-Partout but just weren’t that into the shorts, and so the standard balladry of Elisa’s Medo De Sentir, reasonably well liked by both constituencies, snuck through the middle to win on average and she’ll make the (possible) trip to Rotterdam.