Finally it is at an end – Lithuania has chosen!

So … after their usual mammoth (and often pointless) selection process, those Lithuanians have chosen their song for Liverpool.

There was nothing to mark out the final as anything different to one of their six hundred other pre-amble shows, if I am honest. The format was exactly the same: ten songs, then some talking, then a jury and televote.  The result then was:

ArtistSongJuryTelevotesTelevote pointsTotalPlace
Mario Junes"Do What You Do"31,102259
Justė Kraujelytė"Need More Fun"5606168
Paulina Paukštaitytė"Let Me Think About Me"62,9105115
Beatrich"Like a Movie"89,3928163
Rūta Mur"So Low"1012,82212222
Il Senso"Sparnai"22,0903510
Petunija"Love of My Life"72,5014114
Gabrielius Vagelis"Šauksmas"43,0856106
Monika Linkytė"Stay"1212,67510221

Will this song see Lithuania in the final at Eurovision? I’m not so sure.