First Eurovision rehearsals begin in Liverpool

The 2023 Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Liverpool on May 9, 11, and 13, 2023. Today saw the start of rehearsals.

Technical rehearsals

From today and over the weekend, technicians and production staff will work around the newly built stage to trial lighting, props, camera runs and sound for each of the competing songs. During this time, the production team, alongside each country’s delegation, works tirelessly to perfect every detail. Key elements of the technical rehearsals include:

  1. Stage setup: The stage is assembled, and each act’s unique set design is tested to ensure a seamless transition between performances.
  2. Lighting and sound: Lighting designers and sound engineers work closely with each act to create the desired atmosphere and audio balance.
  3. Special effects: From pyrotechnics to fog machines, special effects add drama and excitement to each performance. The rehearsal process ensures that these effects are safe and well-timed.
  4. Video projections: With the increasing use of video projections in ESC performances, the technical team must ensure that the visuals are sharp and well-coordinated with the live act.

Stand-in rehearsals

Once the technical aspects of each performance have been fine-tuned, it’s time for the stand-in rehearsals. From Monday, local performers step into the roles of the actual contestants, allowing the production team to perfect camera angles, transitions, and other visual aspects of the show.

Here come the stars

The rehearsal process for the Eurovision Song Contest is carefully orchestrated to make sure each act has adequate time to prepare. The typical schedule is as follows:

  1. First technical rehearsal: Each act has a 30-minute technical rehearsal, allowing them to familiarise themselves with the stage, sound, and lighting. There’s to be no access for media or fan sites to these rehearsals, so you won’t get anything like the coverage seen previously. The EBU has promised some short TikTok coverage.
  2. Second technical rehearsal: Acts have another 20-minute technical rehearsal, during which they can make any necessary adjustments and refine their performance. Again these are closed to media, though will be streamed through the online press centre – as an accredited website, OnEurope will bring you reports.
  3. Dress rehearsal: Participants perform in full costume, and the entire show is run from start to finish, including the hosts, interval acts, and voting sequences.
  4. Jury show: A live audience is present, and the jury members watch and vote on the performances. This show is not televised but is crucial in determining 50% of the final score for each act in the final, though will not this year count for the two semifinals.
  5. Live shows: The Semi-Finals and Grand Final are broadcast live to millions of viewers worldwide.

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11 months ago

the dates are -,9, 11 and 13 May 2023.

11 months ago

The semis have a televote only, so we can’t say they are jury shows. They’re just “shows”.