France – Obviously!

La Zarra’s second rehearsal was a lot of work, and it takes a lot of work to create her vision, but she is living the dream. The two rehearsals are different, but she is a perfectionist and never happy.

When she performs, she looks out and sees nothing other than a lot of love and to have fun. It’s all about entertainment. She can feel a lot of energy. Quebecois artists? – She loves Celine Dion and some others I don’t know, and they are blessed with some underground artists.

She was a hairdresser before music. How does the artistry help? – You have to be connected to people and listen to a lot of music in the salon, which brings her empathy so she can channel that into her performance.

The collab question next is hard to say because all the artists are very good, and La Zarra loves Paloma from Spain and Marco from Italy. She loves the South of France, where she can drink some good wine!

She first started singing in 2016 when she realised she had a voice. In 2019, she decided that she was going to be a singer/songwriter. What advice would she give? – To be ready – 20 per cent creating and 80 per cent business – you must have the business acumen. Also, don’t start too young and enjoy your childhood.

What is the biggest motivation? – Darkness – Dark emotions right when she is sad, lost, or dark. Trying to write something beautiful but something bright will come.  Style inspirations? – Drag queen friends because she is always surprised at their looks and power.

She drew the First Half.