France – When a remix is a bad idea


So, the French have decided to shoe-horn some English into a perfectly decent song. I have a feeling their hand was forced by the furore around whether or not the song in its original form had been performed before the contest deadline. To make sure it didn’t fall foul of the net (or the EBU), they have significantly changed the song.

The English lyric feels as though it hasn’t been thought out properly. A feeling backed up by the new video (below), which is a rehash of the original one. The bits where Alma now sings in English have been spliced in, with cut-away shots of the dancers rehashed.

The French team has also changed the orchestration, and niw the strings work well. I do like the new ending of the song – it gives it a more modern end – but, on balance I prefer the original. It sounded complete, as opposed to contrived.

The new version also eliminates the difficult bits of the song that caused Alma issues when performing live, but all of this doesn’t hide the fact that she couldn’t sing the easy parts with confidence.