From the sublime to Spain


I can’t actually tell you how much of a clunky downshift this song is and, as per previous articles on this very website, the gulf in class is wider than the ocean that Manel will be surfing.

The only way Manel is going to avoid humiliation in this contest is to withdraw because, let’s face it, a different song and singer combo should have been here … but they aren’t and the Spanish public are lumbered with this.

It’s forced, wooden, lyrically challenged and looks every inch the contrived winner that we know it to be.

Though what will Europe see? A semi good-looking boy jamming with his mates in Hawaiian shirts that doesn’t connect with anyone for the first 25 seconds and then just minces about the stage with no conviction and even the whole surfing motif isn’t working for me.

(His eyes look a touch bloodshot too – maybe less partying – Mo)

This is hideous.

Video courtesy of esckaz

From the official site

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