If gays made Eurovision songs …

Spirit of the night

Then this would probably be the best song in the world!  Sponsored by the gay version of Carlsberg.

You will read on Twitter that this is all sorts of fabulous, but taking off the rainbow-coloured glasses for a moment … it clearly isn’t anything other than a very very light pop song that has been camped up for all it’s worth. It has the lyrical content of a GCSE composition (written by someone that should know better) and a generic off-the-shelf tune that has been recycled a million times.

We’ve only seen two run-throughs in the press centre but it’s a high-NRG-low-talent production that only Siegel can bring to this contest – everyone remembers Let’s get Happy, right? – Well this is even *worse* than that (if that were possible).

There is some camptastic dancing, and the rainbow colours feature prominently on the stage as one would expect. Their stage outfits are a mix of the bizarre (Valentina looks like a female Justin Bieber in her baseball cap) and there’s an air of 1974 (with Jimmie looking and sounding like Shaft). I hope that these are not their outfits … but I fear they are.

Look out for the unusual costume change though.

As to whether or not this will qualify … well it must be based upon two things. One, if Siegel is Persona Non Grata with the juries and, two, if the televoters (that are not this natural constituency) are motivated in sufficient numbers.

I’m not sure.