Georgia and Albania….. I’m sleeeepy now

Photo: Albin Olsson

Well Georgia…….they are trying to be a cross between Blur and Oasis and end up being…. grey, no…. just a pile of meh if we’re being really critical ( and we really are) – There is not much that we can say about this really, principally because it’s 2120 when i’m writing this and I am pooped! –

There are some TV effects on screen that mirror the performance but it just looks like they are trying too had to be “modern” in a contest that doesn’t need this. Some journo’s here say it’s a “real” song…. yes it may be, but it’s not good in this context.

Albania, however, is dressed in a literal gold fish outfit. A gold dress, with fish tails… This too, much like Georgia, is very dire. It’s statically sung down the camera, almost as though Edena or whatever her name is, is scared to move and, even if she does, her eyebrows scare me. It’s boring and won’t get any televoters rushing to pick the phone up for this.