Germany – Blood and glitter and Timur!

The band are super happy with everything – Chris is seemingly criticising himself for his singing, the pyro works, the show has the energy of the live shows, and they are “Stoked” right now.

Expectations? – Not trying to expect anything for next week and trying to win. It is a contest, after all. Every day is so different and challenging. They like challenges, like meeting the other acts, because there are hardly any delegations in their hotel!

LOTL have done some covers. They said that the biggest challenge was Cha Cha Cha, but they also had the most fun covering that one. Who is the most stylish? – All of them want a style-o-meter to be made so they can measure it.

The inspiration behind the costumes? – Blood and glitter, of course. They had some ideas, spoke to their designers, and made it happen. They know that there are a lot of haters that dislike the song – ultimately, they say that they are here to represent all of Germany.  They say they were granted some open-mindedness from the Metal community when they came to do the contest.

Which country have they not visited? – They think it is unfair to say they then mention Georgia and Armenia, and they look forward to returning to Ukraine and Iceland. After Eurovision, they are touring with Iron Maiden.

They drew Second Half.