Good job Claudia can inhale the wind because…..

Claudia at Eurovision 2017

It’s the only thing that is keeping her from suffocating (being breathless and all). The first thing I did when I saw this performance is pick up my phone and call 1981 and ask if it might like its song back.

It’s old. Very old and sounds like just about everything that we have heard before. She even tries to make this snooze-fest better by projecting herself on the screen behind her … in case you forgot what she looks like! It’s the definition of an 80s Eurovision power-ballad, so much so that Ireland should be looking up from blowing up balloons and demand the return of their song too.

Having said all of that though, it has a bit of ooomph behind it, Claudia is a good performer and you always knew what you were going to get with this … but if I am honest after the first four songs in this semi final you would place it third.