Greek even shorter list goes public

Greek Eurovision shortlist 2023

ERT has today revealed the top three of their internal selection process. A press release from the broadcaster gave more detail:

“Three songs are now in the final phase of the process of selecting the song that will represent our country in the 67th Eurovision Contest.

The three songs that qualify for the final stage are ” What they say ” – Victor Verniocos , ” Liar ” – Melissa Mantzoukis and ” Shout out ” – Maria Maragou/Antonia Kaouri.

Since yesterday, both the artists in question and their groups have been invited to ERT, in order to present in detail their proposals (concept) for their general presence in the competition, which will be taken into consideration by the Committee, as in the last two years of ERT before it proceeds to its final rating.

The seven-member Commission of ERT , chaired by Dimitris Papadimitriou, is made up of Petros Adams, Leonidas Antonopoulos, Fotis Apergi, Maria Kozakou, Konstantinos Bourouni and Yannis Petridis.”

This year, the final decision will be split 50.6% in favour of the ‘audience committee’ and 49.4% based on the votes of ERT’s internal jury.