Has Supernova given Latvia a chance of qualifying?

Latvia are hoping that their altered national final, Supernova, gives them a shot at getting through to the Saturday night for the first time since 2016.

Before tonight’s show there was a completely unnecessary Semi Final where LTV decided to get some free telly out of the Eurovision and eliminate a massive FOUR songs.  Anyhow, that is where we are and we ended up with 10 songs competing for the crown tonight.

The LTV Stream wasn’t up to standard but there was a lot of talking seemingly during the final and the studio setting was a bit of a let down.

All of that meant that at the end, televoting and jury (50/50) meant the result was as follows The winners Sudden Light got first place in both the juries and the televoting (66,307 votes).

TrickyAlise Haijima560788
You to hold meLuize2384910
Fake loveRaum698676
When it all fallsToms Kalderauskis260847
Love vibesArturs Hatti6251109
AijaSudden Lights6630711
You said24. Avenija873533
Let me goAvéi829465
ForeverMarkus Riva2730254