Hello? – This thing is *still* on!

Hello peoples of Europe!

Whilst open rehearsals are now complete, don’t you go thinking that that’s all the coverage we have for you here at OnEurope.

We have plenty of live blog coverage coming up over the next week and, for your delectation, here is a quick recap as to what is going on.

Monday 8th May

Tuesday 9th May 

Wednesday 9th May

  • Dress rehearsal 1 – NO COVERAGE – We’ll be off to Chernobyl.
  • Jury Final – 2200 EEST (2100 CET and 2000 UK)

Thursday 10th May 

  • Dress Rehearsal 3 – To be confirmed

Friday 11th May

  • Dress rehearsal 1 – 1500 EEST (1400 CET and 1300 UK)
  • Jury Final – 2200 EEST (2100 CET and 2000 UK)

There might be live blogging from the hall for the Semi Finals but this is to be confirmed as well (depends on stuff – I am on holiday too!). Mo will doubtless provide some gin-soaked caustic comments if he can remember his password.

Thank you for staying with us in record numbers so far this week. I am also right proud of Mo for keeping the whole thing together. Riigi also says hello but he has had to avoid the security guards to get into the press centre. He might be doing a couple of Phil Explains it All videos next week … so you can laugh at your webmaster.