Hungarian A Dal continues its journey

Acoustic Planet

Now that the three first round heats have been completed in A Dal 2019, the eighteen qualified songs have been redrawn into two semi finals of nine songs (one less than the three first round heats). The format is almost the same. This time though the top three songs by jury qualify and the next song chosen by televote also goes through to the final.

The same jury has cast their eye over the songs for the second time and the results are shown below. The final is going to be held in two weeks time on the 23rd February.

StormbringerPagan Fury6th or 7th
Känner digAnton Hagman6th or 7th
TornLisa Ajaxq
I doArvingarnaq
On my ownBisharaQ
Kärleken finns kvarAnn-Louise Hansson5th
Too late for loveJohn LundvikQ

Kallay Andreas Saunders and his Double entendres have only been saved by the televote.  A foretaste of things to come in a final??