I appreciate it’s Mother’s Day Benjamin, but you don’t have to do something she didn’t…

Picadilly Circus

It’s almost as if it was ordained by the gods. The fanw**k favourite and allround clean-living good guy with the Melodifestivalen pedigree, Benjamin Ingrosso took the crown last evening with his song “Dance you off”.

I’m not sure if that means anything in English, but never mind.

Benjamin is the son of Pernilla Wahlgren.  Never heard of her? That’s cos you are a MILLENNIAL! For all us normal/ancient people, his mum did this :

and four other things of genius in various Melodifestivalen!

Anyhow, back to her progeny … Benjamin. He danced his way into the final by scoring a massive 10% of the “votes” that were cast, and won the jury vote as well.

Here’s the full result with an additional shout out to Mendez, who finished stone last by a long way in the jury and yet third in the televote. Something doesn’t sit right with me there.

Song Performer(s) Jury Televote Total Psn
Everyday Méndez 2 62 64 12
All the Feels Renaida 30 51 81 9
A Bitter Lullaby Martin Almgren 43 41 84 8
My Turn John Lundvik 66 62 128 3
Party Voice Jessica Andersson 33 37 70 11
Last Breath LIAMOO 52 53 105 6
Shuffla Samir & Viktor 54 60 114 4
For You Mariette 64 49 113 5
Every Single Day Felix Sandman 94 64 158 2
In My Cabana Margaret 62 41 103 7
Dance You Off Benjamin Ingrosso 114 67 181 1
Fuldans Rolandz 24 51 75 10