Iceland – First Rehearsal

Well sod me, the wireless internet works!!

Birgitta has had her sound check and is doing really well. The assorted press corps of the UK (Well, Mr Roy D, NickD and Franko) think that this is the winner.

She is doing marvellously well. She’ll be wearing white on the night (pictures to come). She looks fantastic on stage and doesn’t do too much movement which is a plus.

As this rehearsal goes on, I get the distinct impression that draw 1 is NOT going to be a disadvantage.

A petite girl with a big voice which fills the somewhat empty Skonto Hall. The camera work is great, and even at this ungodly hour, she is doing a great job. This has risen in my estimation, but I shall reserve judgement till later in the week. Not a missed note amongst the plethora of them… Go girl!!

Mark out of 100 – 6