Icelanders doing a Sweden – Semi 2 Results

Just when you thought that the Scandis were done with all their semi final shenanigans, the Icelanders come up with their set. To be fair, they have been doing it for quite a number of years so we shouldn’t be that surprised …  but, as they say, we are getting new viewers all the time.

Last week’s result

They pick their two songs that go through by televote only, which is giving the public the ultimate power, I guess.  The result, well announcement, of the second semi final winners is below.

1Kristín Sesselja"Óbyggðir"Out
2Langi Seli og Skuggarnir"OK"Qualified
3Silja Rós & Kjalar"Ég styð þína braut"Out
4Úlfar"Betri maður"Out
5Sigga Ózk"Gleyma þér og dansa"Qualified

With four through to the final, RUV handed a wildcard to Celebs who get to make up the numbers for next weekend’s grand final.