If it’s the graveyard slot – it must be Germany

I really, really, don’t want to write anything about the German final because it’s becoming increasingly a parody of its former self – just like the German entries but, as my reader, you deserve some coverage, even if it is just the bare minimum.

The first thing we need to say is that the field of nine was reduced to eight on Friday morning when the band Frida Gold pulled out as their lead singer, basically, couldn’t sing. They didn’t perform in Thursday’s daytime rehearsals, or the jury rehearsal on Thursday night, so it was impossible for them to carry on.

This, then left a field of eight poor unfortunates, vying for the very dubious honour (at 2220 CET I hasten to add – are ARD burying this?) of representing Germany in Liverpool.  Televoter and jury decided the winner and that result was:

1Trong"Dare to Be Different"5219714
2René Miller"Concrete Heart"548627
3Anica Russo"Once Upon a Dream"578656
4Lonely Spring"Misfit"4030705
5Will Church"Hold On"90211113
6Patty Gurdy"Melodies of Hope"2234568
7Ikke Hüftgold"Lied mit gutem Text"101011112
9Lord of the Lost"Blood and Glitter"431461891

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