If this is to be Australia’s swansong, its not Moot!

So in the dead of the Australian night – at 0530 AEDT to be precise, SBS leaked out their song for Eurovision 2023 at a time that suited Europe, just not the dedicated and, sometimes, rabid fanbase down under which I am sure pissed off A LOT of people.

SBS decided to dispense with a national selection show in favour of the Perth based Synth metal band who came 2nd in Eurovision – Australia Decides last year.  The official organ of this contest says that their hopes are high for success this year – but then again they would say that wouldn’t they.

Is this the last year for Australia? – Not in general, but in this contest? – Their exemption is up this year and Asiavision is on its way, apparently.  There are also very strong rumours that SBS have lost heart after a run of disapointing results.  We shall wait and see.