If Estonia was hatesex …


This is more like a shit date. You expect your companion to wine and dine you, but instead you end up the Travelodge in Redcar in among the whippets and flat caps!

This rehearsal was an incredible letdown. Alma is another one in an astigmatism dress, made worse by the fact that the background is Paris by night. She blends into the background. There are not enough close-up shots and when there are, there is a cold, vacant look in Alma’s eyes that was painful.

It’s all unraveling before our eyes for the French, and there is nothing they can do at this late stage to grab it back. She can’t fill the stage and seems to crumple in the spot she stands. It’s currently worse than Estonia’s performance was and, frankly that was a massive letdown.

This could have been so much more.

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6 years ago

To sum this day up(and only for the Big 5+ host):

Ukraine – Big head as prop, not so big song

Italy – The hot favourite confirmed its position.

Spain – Hawaiian shirts? If that what they get after paying a top stage director, I want to be a stage director.Getting paid for doing sh*t. Deserved last place, if ever there was a doubt.

Germany – bland and grey and yet doing better job than Spain at escaping last place .

United Kingdom – Is it possible that they got the staging right?I must be dreaming.

France – We know you are French and yet you decide you to give us the cliché of background and without the lovely images of the video. A good song getting lost in translation(or should I say lost in staging).

That’s all folks 🙂