Is Mimicat purring with delight?

Mimi Cat

So after I have minced to the kitchen to get myself a ham sandwich, very nice, thanks for asking, I return just in time for Mimicat.

Her second rehearsal was better than her first, and she is almost 100 per cent happy, just some camerawork and lighting details that need to be ironed out – the vocals, she says, are all good, and the choreography is working well.

It was a dream come true to be in FdC, despite having been in it before, but career-wise, it was the best thing she’s done so far! She confirms that there will be NO Pyro, since RTP has no money for them from the government.

It’s suddenly become Homes under the Hammer as someone asks where to buy a cheap house in Portugal – WHY?!?! Thankfully Timur moves the questioning on rather quickly to what Mimicat remembers about singing when she was young. She sings something in Portuguese, which is lovely, but you’ll forgive me if I don’t attempt the title.

Her favourite Eurovision memory so far? The pre-party in Madrid. It was packed, and the audience gave her so much energy. This year’s favourite? She has several, but she mentions the Armenian song as being very beautiful, but then she loves Austria and Spain.