Israel – Reverting to type

Imri Ziv

Full disclosure. I’m hearing this song on the train to work!

Israel have released Imri Zivs track “I feel alive” to an unsuspecting public. As usual you can see and hear it below. Me? I think it’s IBA reverting to type after Hovi, to be honest.

Lots of pretty boys and girls in a video in sunny Tel Aviv to make sure they get in their minority quota. A generation disco beat which goes down well with gays and young people around Europe and they clearly hope for a top 10 in a ballad-heavy year.

They are clever with their tactics, but as to whether it will work, we will see.

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6 years ago

Can u let know that Israel has a song?
The release date was ignored on their site and until now they still think the song will be revealed on Monday.