It should have been Czechia but it’s Netherlands

In a change to the advertised schedule, we have The Netherlands.

They seem happy after their second rehearsals, and Mia and Dion are pretty happy, talkative, and upbeat.

Once Eurovision is over, they will possibly keep the collab open for the foreseeable future.  Mia wants to collab with Harry Styles, and Dion wants Coldplay.  In their teens, their favourite artists were Paramore and Arctic Monkeys. Mia also loves Harel Skat, weirdly.  Dion listened to Toto all the time, George Benson and Robbie Williams.

As the stage was revolving, it was Duncan’s idea, and the artists put the blame firmly on his slightly camp shoulders, and they don’t know how he came up with it – and neither do we! – Do you have a favourite Eurovision winner? – Loreen, because they have met her and she is lovely, and Duncan, who happens to be their friend.  Mia credits Alexander Rybak as one of her songwriting influences, and Måneskin were outstanding.

Duncan and his partner are their creative team, and Timur says he is like their Eurovision Godfather. What is your favourite place to visit?  Dion says Bali – he’s a wannabe surf dude but never has.  Mia loves travelling so much, and she has been everywhere and picked out Mexico City, but that can change on a whim.

Dion reveals he wanted to be a singer since he was 4-5, and getting into the music industry was a conscious choice.