Italia, il tuo tempo per brillare è ora

That …
Was …
Fucking …

Where do I start? Well, for starters, if any of your local bookmakers are offering even money (or better), get some cash on it now. DO IT NOW because this will be odds-on before too long.

There is movement by Francesco, the backing singers are on stage, and everything looks exactly how it should – down to the backing wall of lights showing the monkey dance in time with Francesco (and next Saturday along with the 10000 people that will be in the hall).

It’s slightly more energetic than you are used to and, to my surprise, the shoehorning in of English made no actual difference at all to the overall concept. The monkey doesn’t look out of place either.

Francesco does most of the things that have been seen by the Eurovisionistas – but not by the viewing public.

If perfection were a performance, then this was it. Three minutes of pure genius. If Italy haven’t been ready to win before, they bloody are now.