It’s the second cycle of PZE – Sounds like a vaccine….

Well yes, it does sound a bit like a vaccine against taste, but PZE 23 is going at an astounding pace.

Last night, the first Eight songs went through to the final and tonight we repeated the fun all over again.   Just to make you aware, we have sixteen songs ( Listed below), and a mix of televote and jury will decide the qualifiers for Saturday night’s grand final (as they have been calling it) – the results were not announced, just the qualifiers who then drew for their positions in the final.

There seemed to be a technical issue with Song number 2 from Nadia and she performed it again, despite me saying on twitter she had forgotten how to sing!

Those sixteen and now eight hopefuls are:

Zumi zimi zamiHurricaneQ
Devojka tvog dečkaNadiaQ
Posle meneFilarriQ
Neka, nekaFrajleQ
Zato što volimIgor Vins & Bane Lalić
Ako shvatim kasnoEgret
Starac danaEegor
Kao grom iz vedra nebaJelena Vlahović
U noćimaIvona
FenomenMilan Bujaković
Viva la VidaDuo GrandQ
Loše proceneAnđela
TišinaDoris Milošević