I’ve caused a bit of debate

Penis gate

Freedom Monument in RigaApparently on Twitter it seems that Penis-gate isn’t a thing.  I have been (sometimes forcefully) told that the neon shapes in the Latvian background are not a spurting  phallus. Apparently this is a picture of the Freedom Monument in central Riga.

All very well and good.

However, as you’ve seen from the picture (not doctored by this site), it looks like a penis…. people at home are going to think it’s a penis … the commentators are not going to have time to explain what it is meant to be. In the collective consciousness, anyone who spots this will question why a family show has allowed the backdrop designers to include a penis.

I mean, look at the photos!

The average commentator will have 40 seconds to explain what the image actually represents, if they choose to. Most (if not all) won’t.

Penis denyers will do well to remember that viewers won’t care what it’s supposed to be, they’ll see what they want to see. I assume they’ll Twitter bomb the entire viewership!

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7 years ago

no matter what it’s suppose to be, it looks like a penis and if this remain s as it is, no one will talk about the song but they will talk about the penis in the room

Oliver Rau
7 years ago

So what’s this weird fascination with you Anglosaxons about penises? Don’t you have sex education in school? Are you collectively, like, five years old? *giggle giggle* eeeek, it’s a penis! *giggle giggle* For heavens sake, get over it! We get bombarded with female breasts everywhere, just in this semis, Claudia Faniello is throwing her cleavage at us, so what’s the problem with male genitalia? I mean, apart from the fact that it’s obviously a drawing of a man throwing his hands up in the air, like he should to a dance stomper like this one? But okay, if one will, one can also see an oddly shaped penis. Who cares? Over here, everybody will focus on the very hot drummer instead.

Phil Colclough
Phil Colclough
7 years ago
Reply to  Oliver Rau

or it looked like a cock!