January has gone, What’s in Feb’s first selection box?? – Updated with Latvia

There will be FIVE live shows tonight. But, where do you find them? I hear you cry  And who’s in them?

Once again I’ve dragged all the info together for you!!


The Sweet Sixteen that are going to fight it out for Malta are at Ta’Qali this evening to fight out for a place in Lisbon.  It starts at 2100 CET and will go on for hours! – Usually there is a webstream at TVM’s website and we show you all the singers here. 


Heat number four (of Ten) of their ridiculous selection starts at 2000 CET which you can view, should the mood take you, at the live webcast page of LRT.


A Dal‘s Third and final heat starts tonight at 2030 CET containing ten songs.  You can see more about them at our dedicated page and their webstream (which is usually very good) will be live, though usually starts about 5 minutes later than the TV.


Most Eurofans with no taste will be tuning in to the Melodi thing heat one live from Karlstad.  Seven acts will be taking part as usual from 2000 CET  with a webcast at SVT’s home page and, in case you can’t remember, our page will tell you who and how it’s going to work.


There is a first Semi Final in Latvia tonight as well – Supernova kicks off at 2025 CET.  There will be three semi-finals of 7 songs with two from each qualifying.   I might put a page up before it starts but you can see the show here

As soon as the results are announced, they’ll be all over this page and the Results Service section of the site.  Make sure you enjoy tonight and have plenty of snacks – you’ll need them!


2130 CET – Swedish first Semi Final

2235  CET – Hungarian third heat results

2257 CET – Latvian Semi Final One results

Sometime tomorrow – Maltese Results will appear here!