Joker out are up next – I might go all gooey

Joker Out

The boys are very, very happy – the feedback has been implemented. They were *more* energetic if that was possible! But they are happy, and they know it will be perfect. They want more time to rest… but they are so befuddled they don’t know what day it is.

The boys speak many languages, and Bojan studied Latin for four years. The process of writing the song was 1-2 months. After Eurovision, they are doing a tour of Slovenia and the ex-Yugo region. They will play anywhere they can get.

Their first Eurovision memory? They all started watching the contest in 2004 and love Ruslana. They cite their favourite lines from the song, in Slovene, of course, and then move on to which Eurovision artists they get along with. Timur says that every other artist says Joker Out are friends. The boys say this is like one long school trip that has lasted a month and a half.

Something they always wanted to do? Catch a big fish, land a commercial aeroplane, Skydive, Play the clarinet… a wide and varied choice from the boys. Who is the favourite Eurovision artist in ESC History? Verka and Abba, obviously and Måneskin.

Their favourite candy? Sour sweets. Do you play any other instruments? “We can hardly play our instruments!!” What a great line. Their biggest dream is to have a healthy and stable life or a World Tour… that’s a great juxtaposition.  Go to karaoke song? Gustaph, naturally (because why not).

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