My joy is building mello bricks of music……

So, the second heat of “Mello” 2018 takes place on the 10th Feb at the Scandinavian in Gothenberg, home of the scientifically proven best Eurovision Song Contest of all time, 1985 ( go on, tell me i’m wrong!

Seven down to five.   Two to the Final, two to Andra Chansen, three to cry into their soup for another year but who are these seven mighty Swedish names that fans will get themselves in a lather over.  Well Samir and Viktor might be dancing in the bath again so that might be the highpoint but here ya go…..

Tonight’s qualifiers are:

Song Performer(s) Psn
Shuffla Samir & Viktor Final
Allting som vi sa Ida Redig 5
Det finns en väg Jonas Gardell 7
In My Cabana Margaret  AC
Titta vi flyger Stiko Per Larsson 6
Songburning Mimi Werner  AC
Last Breath LIAMOO Final


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