Käärijä ends a very long day – what does the sweaty boy have to say?


Our fifteenth and final presser today is the bouncy Finn himself.

He’s had some in-ear monitor problems and hasn’t heard anything, but he is philosophical about it; he knows it is not his problem, and he hopes it gets fixed soon!

It’s Crazy. It’s Party – He says he is not that good at speaking in English. It was the best phrase he came out with, and it just came out like that, he says. He didn’t expect anything to happen when he entered UMK. He knows he has a great song and is fully aware of our thoughts. Timur says that the reaction to him winning UMK was mad!

Besides Pina Colada, Käärijä likes Gloggi (hot mulled red wine, according to Wikipedia).  His favourite moment this season? – When he meets the other European artists, there are so many lovely people.  What is the best lyric of his song? – He likes them all (good job really), but he likes the last part when the song changes.

Käärijä says he does not take life seriously and he is always happy. He also has favourite Ramstein songs, which I try not to pronounce. You’ll be pleased to hear he visits his local nail bar back in Finland but has already broken a nail – he won’t be short of a nail bar.

Käärijä’s first time in Liverpool, and he has looked around the city, and it looks nice. He loves football, is a Liverpool fan, and knows the game starts in 3 minutes – he and Timur joke that they can wrap this up to watch the game! Green is not his favourite colour; he prefers yellow/Gold – I think that would kill my eyes if he did that.  

Käärijä tried to sing some Verka….  let’s not do that again, please! – After Eurovision, he wants a holiday – can’t blame him – somewhere sunny, and he has a lot of gigs to get through!

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