Kalush Orchestra offered Ukrainian Eurovision place

Kalush Orchestra

After yesterday’s news that Vidbir 2022 winner Alina Pash would not represent Ukraine at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest, the broadcaster behind the entry has revealed they have extended an invitation to runner’s up, the Kalush Orchestra.

In a post on Twitter, they accused Alina Pash’s representative of providing a ‘falsified document’ to Vidbir’s organisers Suspilne.

Bit of drama

Kalush Orchestra wasn’t happy with the Vidbir result and were already talking about legal action. The group told Ukrainian media they believed the results of Vidbir 2022 were falsified. Oleh Psyuk said:

When we asked to check the results, a door was closed in our faces. The security guard held the door, and after it was opened again, everyone ran away. We want justice, just show us the audited result. It seems a very strange position. If everything was on the level, why all the secrecy?”

Organisers denied everything – but then again, they would, wouldn’t they?

On we go …


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