Kobi Marimi to follow Netta onto Eurovision stage


Kobi Marimi was crowned the winner of Hakochava Haba (Rising Star) this evening and will go on to represent host nation Israel at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest.

The 27-year-old was voted off the show a few weeks back, but earned a second chance and thanks to cover versions of Beatles and Bon Jovi songs wowed judges.

Viewers favoured runner-up Keteryah over the Sacha Baron Cohen lookalike … but if the viewers had their way last year, we would never have seen Netta on the Eurovision stage.

Kobi now gets to defend her victory on home turf when the Contest comes to Tel Aviv in May.

The search is on for his song and details should follow later this month. Our money is on an announcement to coincide with the semifinal allocation draw.