In brief , cos I'm hungry.

Denmark - Underneath the make up, DQ's blatant attempt to get the pink vote and all the other "stuff" - there is a decent song trying to get out - in fact, there are several songs!! This is perhaps why we feel comfy with it - cos it sounds like so many songs we have heard before. Vocally ropy, if you pardon the expression, the song is on its knees!!

Croatia - Lift Lobby Music and/or the 2007 Eurovision toilet break. So memorable, I've forgotten it already - and Europe is likely going to do the same. It is a Croatian song for Croatian People, not for Europe - which misses the point of the contest somewhat.

Poland - Improved immeasurably from the car crash of the Polish Final. They can sing finally and the female one makes the song fit together , and not like it has been sellotaped together! - this may well qualify, but it still has too many holes in it to be of any use, I think - if it does get through. So expect 10th place - or (gasp) it could finish in 11th.