Latvia – They have rectified Penisgate

Triana Park

In Penisgate news, the Latvians have clearly listened to us and they have coloured the penis in and it now LOOKS like what it’s supposed to look like (so for all those people that said “It didn’t look like a penis … well it clearly did).

Back to the song – Your lead singer Agnese is dressed in what looks like something she found under the shredder in the offices of LTV stuck together with PVA Glue. It’s … fucking … awful, and makes her look like a manga character without the eyes. The backing singers are no better in silver lame and black, looking like boyz from da hood.

I appreciate it’s supposed to be edgy and “modern”, but it looks ridiculous … and sounds just the wrong side of boring. I don’t know who is going to vote for this? Ginger hipsters maybe?

Video courtesy of esckaz