Belgium – What is the pressure?


Laura has no pressure on her… that’s the good thing. She’ll come on eighteenth and bounce her way into the final. It’s good old fashioned fun with a capital F. It’s bouncy, it’s schlager, it’s gold and white, It’s 1970’s, it’s HSM and Junior Eurovision.

All of those things do not count against it after the last 6 songs – Meh Meh Meh Meh Meh BELGIUM. The fact it is at the end of a run of song that are somewhat mournful shall we say definitely helps this to stand out. Also with it being the last song, it’s going to be memorable. It will be the one that people go “oooh, thats a bouncy song” and it will be televoted for.

Expect this to be in the Final on Saturday and get a decent draw. It could end up 8th-13th which would be a good result for it.

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