Let the games begin … Eurovision 2024

Malmö Arena

Hello. If you just found us from some social post or Google search, let’s get to know each other. OnEurope is older than most of its readers, knocking on 30, and still one of the few independent Eurovision websites that sticks with the show, and probably one of the very few (we can only really think of Eurovision Apocalypse and Eurovision Ireland) that don’t fawn over every titbit of news from every broadcaster, in the vague hope of currying favour.

When it’s good, we call it. When it’s bad … we have a moan, forgetting it’s only a game show and light entertainment, but come on, everyone has standards.

And so, 2024 is on the horizon. As the first frosts kiss parts of this huge continent (and beyond), the fervour for Eurovision 2024 ignites the hearts of many, promising a melodic voyage in Malmö come 11 May.

Under the watchful helm of SVT, 35 nations have (so far) cast their eyes towards the prestigious title of best song on the night as judged by viewers, music experts and people with brown envelopes tucked in their carry-on luggage. The EBU is expected to release the official list of participating countries by the end of October 2023.

In and out for 2024

Notable mentions include Luxembourg returning after a 31-year hiatus and North Macedonia hinted it might return after a one-year break. Romanian TVR is in the middle of its annual sulk about last year’s result, and said the broadcaster might not join the next party.

Various broadcasters like RTSH (Albania), ORF (Austria), and ITV (Azerbaijan) among others are gearing up, with some countries already having their artists and song details in place, while others plan to announce them in the coming months. Hungary won’t be back and (obvs) neither will Belarus nor Russia.

Slovenia (RTVSLO) promises news next month. Spain picks on 3 February. Austria’s ORF has set January 2024, Croatia’s HRT has set February 2024 – just like Ukraine, and Germany’s NDR has set 16 February 2024 for song announcements or selections​. In Denmark, the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2024 takes place on February 17 in Copenhagen. On the same night, we get to hear ERR’s Estonian song. The Italian Sanremo 2024 final is scheduled for 10 February 2024.

2,624 songs have been submitted for Melodifestivalen 2024, down more than 200 on last time. Perhaps because SVT have moved the goalposts. A jury will select fifteen songs, while the remaining 15 spots will be filled by SVT in the fall and may or may not come from the open submission. (cough*they won’t*cough).

Australia might or might not be back (reader, they’ll be back). And let’s not forget Monaco, who’ve never really shown the slightest interest in taking part again. See last year’s statement and change the date. The Vatican State has shown little interest, but we live in strange times.

Already in

Thomas_MustinTwo acts already have management looking aghast at hotel booking websites with their inflated Malmo room rates for May 2024. Belgium was the first country to announce its candidate for Eurovision 2024: Mustii. His bio isn’t hugely promising – hardly anyone in Flanders will have heard of him, but in French-speaking Belgium and Brussels they know him as an actor. he got the ‘news’ of his place in Malmo while in the make-up chair to act as a judge on Drag Race. never let it be said RTBF doesn’t know its audience. We’ll get the song next February.

Silia KapsisSilia Kapsis is a 16-year-old Greek-Cypriot pop singer, actress and Nickelodeon show host from Australia (obvs) is singing for Cyprus. The whole unknown-with-minimal-track-record but a following on kid’s telly thing worked so well for Greece in recent years, though, right? Oh yeah. No. Still, again, there’s loads of time to learn how to sing, dance and appear like you know how to hold the attention of a huge arena packed with fan boys waiting to see the muscles of the Israeli backing dancers up close.

And since you can get all of this stuff anywhere on the fan web, let’s add value to your visit to our front room on this fine day. The long-range weather forecast.


In May 2024, Malmö is expected to have quite cold temperatures, ranging between 9°C and 14°C, so warm clothes are advised. Rainfall is expected on 3 to 8 days, with a total rainfall of 46mm for the month, hence carrying an umbrella could be wise. The month is expected to see no snowy days, while sunshine is estimated at 9.2 hours daily on average.