Like the morning of a wedding

Y’know, where no one really knows what to do with themselves, but knows they can’t get involved in anything too time consuming just in case it overlaps with the big do. It’s just like that here. Everyone’s half edgy, half expectant, and half something else that sensible maths would forbid.

I’m just sat here in the Press Centre, uploading a movie for a pal’s ESC party and watching this arvo’s last run through on the telly. And I still have no flupping clue. My biggest surprise is just how fabulous France looks. It’s not going to do owt, but they’ve polished off some of the rough edges, but left the best ones in, and the whole room couldn’t take their eyes off the screen for the full 3 minutes. Proper hypnotic, it were. Not sure the good voters of Europe are going to ‘get it’ and our Philly always doesn’t. But I don’t really care, cos we’ll always have it in our little Eurovision vault, like a happy puppy perpetually kept young. Niceness.

And even though all the accompanying stuff, like the curiously sapphic opening, the thankfully under used show hosts (future winning countries please take note) and the proper bonkers in the nut green room wallahs – ooh, and the banging Balkan beats in the middle – are less showy and more cosy than last year, it all kind of binds together into a nice little three and a bit hours of jolly fun.

And who’s going to win it? I’ll stick my neck out and say none of them. Never one to be non-committal me.

And if I don’t get the chance to post on here again in the next few hours, I’d just like to say a big thank you to all our readers and respondents – even the ones who didn’t agree with us. You’ve made this one of my most enjoyable online Eurovision experiences in ages. As some of you may know, I do this writing larky for a living (not that you’d know it to read my blatherings), so I’ve got enough proper work to keep me busy through the Eurovision fortnight. So I do this blog for the genuine fun of it, and it’s been an absolute pleasure to hear all your thoughts and comments.

Cheers for reading us, and good luck to the big 25 tonight – make it a good one for us!