Lithuanian TV completes national final line-up


It might feel like forever, but at last, the crud has been cut. After six weeks of acts that ranged from fairly good to faintly ridiculous, LRTV have everything ready for next week’s national final.

Twelve songs were in the running this evening – although one of the performers asked viewers and judges not to vote for her. Monika Marija has already earned her spot at Eurovizijos nacionaline atranka 2019. She asked that preference be given to ‘Light on’ over this evening’s ‘Criminal.’

1519 viewers and most of the jury told her to take a running leap, and for the chuckles put her through anyway.

Here are the results:

DrawArtistSongSMSPointsJury TotalPlace
1Saška JanksDa li čuješ moj glas4964610163rd
2MajdanBudim te25143587th
3Sofija PerićAritmija28624159th
4Dženan LončarevićNema suza5858107172nd
5Wonder Strings & Ivana VladovićMoja bol58135th
6Jana ŠušteršićViktorija03310th
7LordRadnički sin24352688th
8Nevena BožovićKruna5708812201st
9Ana PopovićLutaš00012th
10Ivan KurtićBela501074116th
11Nataša & UnaSamo bez straha10427122144th
12Aleksandra SekulićTugo187210111th